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Spring is Here!

Welcome, spring! Warm weather is around the corner.

We encourage homeowners to start making a plan for their yards. Aeration, fertilization and proper sprinkler settings will go a long way to making that grass greener. Many cities and municipalities offer free sprinkler audits to determine water usage and help with settings. Likewise, some water districts have sprinkling limitations. Be sure you know if your property falls under any sprinkling schedule.

On the flip side, if that neighbor refuses to do standard maintenance and yard care, let your property manager know. You live in an HOA and are entitled to the benefits of its restrictive covenants. Those covenants are intended to create a harmonious community and keep property values high. And neither the Board nor the property manager can help resolve a problem they don’t know about.

If you have any questions about covenant violations or enforcement, please do not hesitate to contact our firm.

Brian DenlingerComment