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Loss Assessment vs. Special Assessment

A common question is whether a special assessment is covered by loss assessment insurance and to what extent. In sum, all loss assessments are special assessments, but not all special assessments are loss assessments. In general, a special assessment is a tool in an Association’s arsenal to cover maintenance expenses which are generally greater than what is available in the Association’s reserve funds. Typically, an Association’s Declaration will set forth the procedures and limitations for levying special assessments and these assessments are not covered by loss assessment insurance.

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CCIOA Mandatory Disclosures Prior to Legal Collection Procedures

As you already know, in 2014 additional requirements were added to CCIOA’s collection process, including the sending of a notice of delinquency prior to transferring to an attorney for collection – a step which sometimes lacks all of the statutory requirements. When a property owner has fallen behind in assessments or has any fees against the property, CCIOA requires that, before the property owner’s file is sent to an attorney for collection, the Association must give the property owner a notice of delinquency, which must include…

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State Mandated Policy for Storing Personal Identifying Information

Effective September 1, 2018, Colorado Revised Statute § 6-1-713 requires “covered entities” to comply with new rules regarding the security and disposal of Personal Identifying Information, e.g., social security numbers, tax identification number, passwords, passcodes, driver’s licenses and numbers, etc. Management Companies and Homeowners Associations that handle Personal Identifying Information should adopt a policy with the following provisions…

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Connor Wilden
Privacy Policies & Statutory Obligations

Effective September 1, 2018, Colorado Revised Statute § 6-1-713 requires “covered entities” to comply with new rules regarding the security and disposal of “Personal Identifying Information.” Any entity in the course of business, vocation, or occupation that maintains, stores, or processes Personal Identifying Information is a “covered entity” and must comply with the statute. 

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More Snow on the Way!

More snow is expected to hit the Front Range over the next couple of days. Has your board or property manager ever considered having an attorney review relevant contracts with snow-removal subcontractors? 

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Happy New Year!

WesternLaw Group wishes all of our clients, property managers, sub-contractors and owners a very Happy New Year. If you have ideas on something we can do to make 2015 better than ever, please contact us.

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The State Senate, GMO labeling and proposed constitutional amendments hang in the balance. WesternLaw Group reminds you to get out and vote!

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