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Proudly Serving Colorado HOAs, Communities & Executive Boards

Our practice focuses on the preventive aspects of Homeowner Association (HOA) procedures, and interpretation of governing documents. We develop methods for associations to operate and communicate with a level of efficiency that enhances a sense of community. We encourage open communication between the owners, board of directors, and management companies in an effort to resolve conflicts prior to taking legal action.


Contract Review

Homeowner Association (HOA) Boards and their property managers occasionally need assistance with insurance provisions, negotiations with subcontractors, and other contractual issues. As part of the HOA legal assistance that WesternLaw Group provides, our attorneys are experts in the field of contract law and can help you with your needs in this area.

Assessment COllection

In our experience, the primary problem that most associations face is delinquent accounts. We understand that associations rely on those funds in order to perform their obligations. With over 30 years of combined experience in performing the type of aggressive work necessary to collect delinquent assessments, our collection team is one of the best in Colorado.

General Assistance

Homeowners Associations (HOA) are a mix of corporations and mini-governments. We feel our role must be flexible enough to provide expert general legal counsel to any corporation regardless the form of incorporation. To that end, we make sure our HOA clients maintain their obligations to their community, just as elected HOA board members do to theirs. 

Covenant Enforcement

Covenants are in place to govern your community, and we assist with bringing about voluntary compliance through a simple phone call or letter, levying fines, and pursuing all necessary court action to enforce compliance. Whatever the extent of the violation, our firm pursues time-tested methods to make sure that everyone is living within your association’s rules.

Governing Documents

Colorado regularly passes new laws governing homeowners associations (HOA) requiring communities to update their governing documents. Many of these changes are quick fixes while others require extensive amendments. WesternLaw Group has extensive experience amending Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Declarations, and Rules & Regulations.       

Educational Classes

WesternLaw Group LLC has been practicing HOA law for years, and offers informative classes on a variety of topics, from contract review to governing documents to asset collection to covenant enforcement and more, helping HOA boards and their property managers with insurance provisions, negotiations, and subcontractors. To learn more, please contact us, thank you.