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Covenant Enforcement

Covenant Enforcement


Covenant Enforcement

The covenants are in place to:

  • To make sure that your community is a pleasant place to live;

  • To maintain the value of your home; and

  • To give new home buyers in your community a sense of trust that they are coming to a well-governed association.

We assist our clients with the following methods:

  • Bringing about voluntary compliance through a simple phone call or letter

  • Levying fines

  • Pursuing all necessary court action to enforce compliance

Let’s face it—few homeowners want to live next to a neighbor with a pink or purple house, just as few homeowners like the idea of living across the street from a neighbor who holds a garage sale every day of the year.  Whatever the extent of the violation, our firm pursues time-tested methods to make sure that everyone is living within your association’s rules.