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General Assistance

General Assistance


General Assistance

Homeowners Associations (HOA) are a mix of corporations and mini-governments. We feel that our role must be flexible enough to provide expert general legal counsel to any corporation regardless the form of incorporation. To that end, we make sure our association clients maintain the following obligations:

  • Consistent collection of assessments

  • Interpreting governing documents to ensure they comply with State and Federal Law

  • Drafting new policies and amending documents if they are deficient in any way

We also ensure clients maintain their day-to-day responsibilities, such as:

  • Covenant Enforcement

  • Maintenance

  • Insurance

  • Assessment Collections

With respect to HOA Board Member responsibilities: 

  • We are happy to instruct a new board member on his or her fiduciary duties to the association.

  • We explain the procedural requirements of elections and meetings.

  • For our retainer clients, we attend one meeting per year without any charge nor do we charge for any phone calls or emails between our firm and the board President or the property manager.